Purpose of Award

To recognize, generally at retirement, Canadians who have been recognized by their peers as having made a significant local, national or international contribution to the profession of hydrogeology over their careers.  The award will normally be presented on a limited number of occasions each year, typically not more than twice.   


To be eligible for this award, nominees must have shown a well-recognized long-term enthusiasm and dedication to the profession of hydrogeology with notable results and to have volunteered time and energy beyond the boundaries of their employment to improve the profession or understanding of the science.  Recipients would normally have been IAH members for a portion of their career.  

Selection Criteria 

The candidate should have made significant contributions over the course of their career in many of the following areas or others not mentioned:         

  • developing an improved understanding of hydrogeology nationally, provincially or locally and presenting this understanding in a widely accessible format;
  • research;
  • teaching and mentoring;
  • training;
  • working with professional organizations;
  • presenting hydrogeology to non-professional groups and individuals;
  • working in an inter-disciplinary manner;
  • developing legislation and guidelines;
  • working internationally.   

Nomination Procedure

A nomination describing the contributions of the candidate must be submitted to the President of IAH-CNC. Nominations may be made by any IAH-CNC member.  The timing of the nomination is flexible but should be submitted at least two months prior to the event at which the award will be presented.    Nominations should include a letter of nomination and at least two additional letters of support from outside the institution to which the nominee belong. Content provided in the letters should include a summary of the nominee’s academic and employment history and how he or she meets the eligibility criteria.    The President of IAH-CNC will review and confirm the eligibility of the nominee and forward the nomination to the Chair of the Selection Committee.  


Award Selection Committee

The Award Selection Committee will be the IAH-CNC Standing Awards Committee.  Decisions are made by a majority of the committee members.   The committee may reject, without further consideration, any nomination that in its opinion does not adequately detail the contributions of the candidate.  Nonetheless, the committee may also request additional information from the nominee in support of the nomination.   


The Award is in the form of framed certificate.    


The Award will normally be presented at an appropriate IAH-CNC local workshop or meeting or at a retirement party for the recipient.  In some cases the award may be presented at a national conference. The awardee will also be acknowledged in the Bulletin.