Canada’s Groundwater resources edited and compiled by Alfonso Rivera

This book represents the first comprehensive, synthesized single volume assessment of groundwater resources in Canada. Walkerton, water crisis, climate change, land use, drought, water energy, water bulk transfers, urbanization, transboundary aquifers – all of these are keywords and issues affecting Canadians today and are covered in this book. This is the first book on groundwater in Canada to appear in 47 years; it represents the work of 45 noted Canadian groundwater scientists. It provides a science-based overview and a collective understanding of the groundwater resources in Canada to support their sustainable use and protection. The book is a key reference work suitable not only for libraries across Canada, but of interest to all researchers, teachers and students of Canada and professional communities interested in groundwater.

Comprehensively illustrated with maps and charts, Canada's Groundwater Resources is an invaluable resource of any person concerned about today's most critical issue -water.

The book is published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited, 804 pages; ISBN 9781554552924 at: